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“Kia Ora!” : Welcome to Wellington–
The staff would like to welcome you to Wellington Language Centre. We look forward to your arrival and to making your stay enjoyable and successful.
To help you prepare for your trip we have compiled the following information, which we believe will help you adapt more quickly to a new country, climate, college, customs and lifestyle.

Language Difficulties
Most of you may experience some difficulty speaking English. This is natural. You will be using conversational English which is probably different from what you were taught in high school. It will take time to become proficient in your speech. When you talk with your host family, teachers or friends, ask them to speak clearly, slow down or repeat themselves. These people are excellent sources of new words and phrases. Ask them for help with your pronunciation and vocabulary. They will be happy to help. If you become tired and frustrated when you do not learn as quickly as you would like, relax and slow down. Be patient. It takes time.
Asking for help...
If there is something you don't understand, or something you are not sure how to deal with, ask someone for help or advice. If you do not ask, we cannot help you.

" I don't understand. Can you explain this to me?"
" Can you help me please?"
" I am sad / confused / homesick. Can I talk with you about it?"
" I would like some help with homework / English / new friends”

What to bring
• light, comfortable clothing for the warmer months (T-shirts, shorts, sandals etc.)
• wind proof jacket, pullover, jeans, jacket and strong shoes or boots for the colder months
• raincoat and strong umbrella, as Wellington an get wet and windy
All types of clothing can be purchased in Wellington.
Electrical Appliances
These are all available in New Zealand and operate on 240 volts. Fit your appliances with New Zealand style plugs which you can buy in Wellington.
All Asian products and most European food products are readily available in Wellington and you do not need to bring these with you. As New Zealand has been an isolated country for many years and is relatively free from pests and harmful insects there are very strict quarantine laws controlling the importation of food and plants.
Do not bring any plant or animal material in to the country (eg. Mushrooms, fruit, Chinese herbs, pork, noodles, spices etc.). However, if you must bring any of these please remember...
The following classes of goods must be declared on your New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card:
·        food of any kind
·        plants or parts of plants (alive or dead)
·        animals (alive or dead) or their products
·        equipment used with animals
·        equipment such as camping gear, golf clubs, and used bicycles
·        biological specimens.
Passengers who fill out the Quarantine section of the declaration card incorrectly, risk an instant fine of $200. This is in addition to the prospect of a fine of up to $100,000, or a prison term of up to 5 years for serious breaches of the New Zealand Bio-security laws.
Please see the New Zealand Customs service website for more details:
Students travelling on a Student Visa
Students on a student visa need to comply with certain conditions:
1. Students must have an attendance level of 80%
2. Students must notify ALC of any change of address
3. Students must meet course requirements
4. Students may not work unless you have applied for permission to work and hold a work permit and work visa.
Please ask the Registrar for more information, or see the New Zealand Immigration services website:
Health Cover
Medical treatment in New Zealand can be very expensive, so everyone should have some form of health insurance. Wellington Language Centre can organise insurance for you. If you need health insurance please complete and return the two Southern Cross Healthcare forms to “The Registrar”.
If you are staying in New Zealand for more than 12 weeks you should open a bank account. Most savings accounts come with a plastic "cash card" which you can use to access automatic teller machines (ATMs) 24 hours a day to withdraw and deposit money. All the major banks are located close to WLC and we will assist you during orientation with opening a bank account if you need one.
Postal Mail
Please ensure that any mail that is sent to you by post has your name clearly written in English script, with the word Student on it.
Example:   John Smith – Student
                 Wellington Language Centre...
Your arrival in New Zealand
If you have reserved an airport pick-up, a representative of our transfer company will meet you at the airport. Look for the ALC sign. If you cannot find the representative, please wait in front of the flower shop and our staff will come and find you.
Very Important :Please put the Kiwi picture on your bag so that we can recognise you!

What to bring:       

      Letter of Acceptance from Wellington Language Centre
      A pen and paper

Teaching Methods
Our teachers are dedicated to helping every student to learn English as quickly and effectively as possible. The emphasis is on communication, and a wide range of resources and the most up-to-date and appropriate methods are used to ensure that every learner achieves their potential.
Teachers at WLC use a blend of proven approaches and challenging new ideas, and take into account a range of learning styles and cultural backgrounds. You may be a little surprised by the new style of lessons in your first week, but will soon find that you are able to communicate with others in the class and become independent outside the class. Please remember to tell a teacher about any individual difficulties you may have; they will always be happy to help you.

Student Services
The Student Services Department assists with finding suitable accommodation and can help you with a wide range of issues including employment, legal and financial problems, academic counselling, visa issues, recreation, etc. Furthermore, the Student Counsellor is available to discuss, in strict confidence, any difficulties and personal problems (homesickness, health issues, etc) that you may have from time to time.
In the case of an emergency only you may ring the following number after you arrive in New Zealand.

0800 106 108

All the staff at Wellington Language Centre wish you a safe journey and look forward to welcoming you to Wellington!

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