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CELTA Course Application at Auckland Language Centre

Please complete the following form to apply online for the CELTA Course.

Course Starting Date (1st Choice)
Course Starting Date (2nd Choice)
How did you hear about the ALC CELTA course?
Given Name(s)
Family Name(s)
Date of Birth DD-MM-YYYY
Street Address
Suburb / City
Postal Code
Telephone Number(s) (Add area code please)
Email Address
What is your nationality / national identity?
What languages do you speak?
What is your highest educational qualification?
From what institution and when?
Have you had any experience of working collaboratively in a group? If so, briefly describe it
What are your ideas about teaching and learning?
Briefly describe a good and a bad learning experience you have had (language learning if possible).
What made one of them successful and the other not?
Briefly describe what qualities you think characterise a great teacher.
Briefly describe some of the elements of an ideal learning environment or situation for language students.
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