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Placement Test
The following English Language Test can be submitted online. The time limit for this test is 30 minutes.

You can also print out a PDF document of this test and mail this to:

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21 Federal Street
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Choose the correct answer from the options below. Only one answer is correct.

When we entered the study, we noticed __________ (1) the window __________ (2). Cuthbert glanced __________ (3) the room, suddenly __________ (4)’Good heavens! The priceless Golden Parrot of Panama __________ (5).’Sure enough, the cabinet __________ (6) it was normally kept stood empty.
‘Someone __________ (7) it,’ I suggested.
‘Obviously,’ said Cuthbert. ‘Mr Pooter will be very upset if he __________ (8) about this.’
It was nearly four o’clock; Mr Pooter __________ (9) from the races at any moment.
‘I know!’ said Cuthbert. ‘__________ (10) lock the door from inside and try __________ (11) before Pooter __________ (12) back.
‘Right,’ I said. ‘I’ll tie the curtains together to make a rope’. And I __________ (13) quickly. ‘If I __________ (14) we were going to be in a situation like this I would have brought a ladder.’ Cuthbert gave me a strange look. At last the rope was ready and I threw one end out the open window.
“You __________ (15) done that,’ Cuthbert observed. ‘We’re on the ground floor’.


1. a) what
  b) as
  c) that
  d) there
2. a) was open
  b) has opened
  c) had been open
  d) open
3. a) at
  b) towards
  c) over
  d) around
4. a) exclaimed
  b) to exclaim
  c) being exclaimed
  d) exclaiming
5. a) has been missed
  b) is missing
  c) is missed
  d) was being missed
6. a) in which
  b) in that
  c) in where
  d) in what
7. a) must be stealing
  b) can steal
  c) must have stolen
  d) has steal
8. a) found out
  b) has found out
  c) finds out
  d) will find out
9. a) would be returning
  b) returned
  c) is returning
  d) must have returned
10. a) we’re going to
  b) we’ll
  c) we’d
  d) we’ve
11. a) escape
  b) to escape
  c) to escaping
  d) escaping
12. a) has got
  b) will get
  c) will be getting
  d) gets
13. a) set to work
  b) set working
  c) was setting to work
  d) set at work
14. a) knew
  b) was knowing
  c) had known
  d) were known
a) mustn’t have
  b) couldn’t have
  c) hadn’t have
  d) needn’t have

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences from the options below. Only one answer is correct.

He suggested _______ to see a movie.
a) to go
b) be going
c) be gone
d) going
I’m sorry, but we don’t have _______ smelly cheese left.
a) many
b) any
c) some
d) a little
He warned that he would not put _______ such behaviour any longer.
a) down to
b) off by
c) up with
d) out for
_______ it was raining, we still went to the beach.
a) Although
b) However
c) Despite
d) Nevertheless
We got in through the back door, _______ had been left open.
a) which
b) that
c) where
d) at which
_______ of the movie, all the space invaders are destroyed by death rays.
a) At finish
b) In the end
c) At last
d) At the end
He is employed _______ a teacher.
a) for
b) as
c) like
d) as though
I’ll be back _______ half an hour.
a) at
b) in
c) before
d) since
Harry offered _______ Bill’s beer for him
a) drink
b) drinking
c) would drink
d) to drink
The strange woman asked me _______.
a) where the supermarket was.
b) where to the supermarket.
c) where was the supermarket.
d) where it was the supermarket.
When I was a child, there _______ a shop at the corner of the street.
a) was being
b) had been being
c) would be
d) used to be
I go there _______ than I used to.
a) frequently less
b) much less often
c) more less often
d) a lot often
Can you help me to _______?
a) look the children after
b) after the children look
c) look after the children
d) look them after
Beavis _______ happy today.
a) seems
b) thinks
c) says
d) sees
I stopped _______ last year.
a) to smoke
b) me smoking
c) smoking
d) smoke
I have _______been to Uruguay.
a) ever
b) never
c) last year
d) since 1999
I’m going to the doctor’s to _______
a) have my eyes tested.
b) have my eyes test.
c) have a my eyes test.
d) have tested my eyes.
The _______ broke up at ten o’clock.
a) film
b) performance
c) programme
d) meeting
She wanted to know the reason for my _______.
a) unhappy
b) not happy
c) unhappiness
d) be unhappy
It’s after eleven o’clock – time we ______
a) to leave
b) were left
c) left
d) should leaving
He’s gone to Sydney on a business _______.
a) travel
b) trip
c) excursion
d) voyage
It was slightly _______
a) wonderful
b) fantastic
c) incredible
d) amusing
After several arguments they _______ their engagement.
a) broke off
b) called off
c) broke down
d) broke up
There’s no doubt about it; it’s all here in _______.
a) white and black
b) black and blue
c) black and white
d) the black
The policeman _______ Siegfried to give him the exploding pencils.
a) ordered
b) demanded
c) questioned
d) said
After a year of living in the city, I finally _______ the noise.
a) used to get
b) got to use
c) got usually
d) got used to
Soon after I arrived at the party, the hostess offered me _______
a) a wine glass
b) a glass of wine
c) of wine a glass
d) a glass wine
Uncle Soames went to the funeral on _______.
a) bus
b) foot
c) taxi
d) skateboard
Nearly twenty years have _______ since I last spoke to Mr Yossarian.
a) elapsed
b) eclipsed
c) elided
d) expired
Never _______ anything as exciting as Eric’s CD collection.
a) have I seen
b) seen I
c) I saw
d) I have seen
In the next five examples, one word does not belong in the same group as the others; choose the one that does not.
a) scarlet
b) crimson
c) vivid
d) red
a) rough
b) tough
c) enough
d) although
a) sweet
b) thick
c) sour
d) salty
a) mutton
b) beef
c) pig
d) veal
a) rail
b) road
c) sea
d) sky

Please check you have attempted every question and submit.





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